nooQ IBM Partnership We are excited to announce that we have entered into a partnership with IBM. Since we won product awards at Socialnow we have been speaking to IBM about working together.

Social Now Award Winners After last years’ success, where we won all three product awards, we were uncertain what to expect before returning to Social Now. But we did it

Our findings after customer research & feedback What’s next for nooQ? In case you missed the earlier parts, they are here Part 1 Surprising Results From Survey into Enterprise Social  Part

Social Media Usage (Nov 2015) Part 3 of 4 Blog Series (If you have read Parts 1 & Part 2, skip to next section) At nooQ we have created a

Ratings for Web Mail — Google GMail vs Office365 Hotmail Part 2 of 4 Blog Series nooQ has huge potential, but we can’t build everything at once. We’ve had a lot of

Slack vs Yammer vs the up and coming nooQ Part 1 of 4 At nooQ we have created a product to revolutionize team communication for the workplace. Yammer started with