Create a more connected workplace by offering private 1-on-1 or instant group chats. nooQ allows you to share files, URLs and attachments, publicly or privately in real time.



The best way to innovate and improve is to share and discuss ideas. nooQ encourages collaboration across departments and team which allows you to build an ideas repository.



The faster and easier people can find answers the better. By providing a searchable archive of conversations and answers you never have to ask the same question twice.


Poll / Surveys

nooQ gives everyone across the organisation a voice. It provides a continuous feedback loop and allows everyone to view, vote and comment on surveys, polls and decision.


Volume Controls

Control what is important to you. Sliding volume controls lets YOU control how much you want to hear from people and subjects that are important to you. Want to focus on #xmasparty for 10 mins, fine. Turn it up, reply to the issues then mute it. Turn up #project20 & #customerservice to get to your other priorities.



What’s everyone talking about? A visual trending view of the most popular topics by the click of a button. Drill down into popular subjects. View what has been trending over previous time periods. Just been on holiday? We can show you instantly what you missed.


Decisions / Deadlines

nooQ’s visual interface allows you to stay on top of your most urgent communications and deadlines at a quick glance. Urgent posts get bigger as they approach the deadline. Instant visual recognition for your team on the most important topics to focus on.



Your personal notifications are clearly highlighted so you don’t miss the messages directed directly to you. We have @mentions to highlight topics to colleagues in comments, posts and replies.



Never lose information again. nooQ’s powerful search capabilities and cloud storage allows you to quickly and easily search all previous conversations, files and attachments. Its all saved in the same spot. All prioritised to your personal preferences for people and subjects.

nooQ Scotedge winner 2014
Winner of Scottish EDGE Fund 2014
Voted: Coolest Tool, Coolest Feature and Best Fit for Your Organisation at Social Now 2015.
Beat IBM Connections, Atlassian and MangoApps for Coolest Tool and Coolest Feature at Socialnow 2016

Spend more time working and less time reading. See what everyone is talking about at a glance. Focus on what is important to you today. nooQ it and get to work.