Intranetizen Vendor Profile   Intranetizen is an online community who aims to share, learn and transform the digital workplace. It was started out of lack of information and only hearing the

Scoland’s Leading Technology Investment Event The next big event on our calendar is the Engage Invest Exploit (EIE) Scotland in Edinburgh this May. EIE Scotland is the annual investor showcase of highly promising

Upcoming Social Enterprise Event Social Now is the social enterprise collaboration event where software vendors have the chance to demonstrate their products in front of a live audience, without a sales

Social Media In Large Enterprise (SMILE) We are excited and looking forward to attending and exhibiting at Smile London conference on Monday 9th November. The Smile London conference run is organised

Marketing Manager We are delighted to announce Anne Siri Salte has join the team at nooQ as our all new Marketing Manager. Anne brings a wealth of digital marketing experience, with

In my last post (The Problem with Business Communications), I made the case that contemporary business communication is generally broken. Its costs are significant. Any notion of collaboration via e‐mail