Guy Kawasaki’s 10 commandments for business innovation

Business Author, Entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist, Guy Kawasaki  recently shared his 10 point manifesto for business innovation.  Here’s a summary:

Designing Meetings to Work for Design At An Event Apart in Chicago, Kevin Hoffman outlined how to get the most of meetings by applying a series of framework for meeting

Similarities between fitness, sport and running a start-up

Having just completed the 5×50 Challenge (I did 360km in 50 days, the equivalent of a marathon a week for 7 weeks). I thought I would write about how it was

What is ignorance? Have you noticed the workplace can be a funny business these days? After consulting and advising on business and IT strategy for many years, in the days

What does one decision lead to

What to do today? What to focus on? What not to focus on? Life is full of decisions. What if you did something different tomorrow? Take yourself outside you comfort