nooQ creates a connected workplace by offering one-on-one or instant group chats, and allowing employees to privately or publicly share files, URLs and attachments, in real-time.
Innovative organisations share and discuss ideas. nooQ encourages collaboration across teams and departments and allows you to build an invaluable business ideas’ bank.
nooQ provides a searchable archive of conversations, so employees can find answers quickly, and they never have to ask the same question twice.
nooQ gives every employee a voice, and provides a continuous feedback loop so everyone can view, vote and comment on corporate surveys, polls and decisions.
Personal notifications are highlighted, so you never miss direct messages, and @mentions also highlights topics to colleagues in your comments, posts and replies.
Decide what’s important to you, and nooQ sliding volume controls let you choose how much, or little, you want to hear from people and topics.
So, you can turn up #xmasparty for 10 minutes, then mute it completely, and turn up #project20 to instantly focus on other priorities.
nooQ provides a visual overview of trending topics at the click of a button. You can drill down into popular subjects, view archived trends, and instantly catch-up after a break.
nooQ allows you to prioritise projects at a glance. Urgent topics appear bigger as deadlines get closer, giving you and your team clear visual cues to what’s important, and where you need to focus.
nooQ has powerful search capabilities and cloud storage, allowing you to quickly assess all previous conversations, files and attachments. Everything is saved in the same place, and prioritised by your individual preferences for people and topics.