The central communication platform for business

Increase business productivity by over 24%*. Visualise your corporate communication.


nooQ is a completely new way to communicate

nooQ is the award-winning corporate communication platform designed to filter data visually using innovative ‘volume’ controls.

  • Cut down noisy information overload.
  • Free your best minds to concentrate and innovate.
  • Increase business productivity and growth.
  • Improve team collaboration.
  • Simplify inter-departmental communication.
  • Harness expertise and collective knowledge.
  • Make better decisions, faster.

Superior data visualisation

nooQ’s revolutionary visual interface is simple and easy to understand.
Basically, the bigger the bubble, the more important it is.

Employees see at a glance what information is relevant, which tasks are urgent,
and what deadlines are looming.

Actions get prioritised efficiently, distractions are turned-down or silenced entirely.

Unique volume controls

nooQ lets you filter people and topics. You decide who and what is important.
Then simply turn the volume up, down or mute completely.

Advanced machine learning adapts to individual needs

Using advanced machine learning, nooQ analyses large data sets,
and identifies patterns, and trends. It quickly picks up on personal
preferences, then adapts automatically, to recommend where your
individual focus should be, and when.


nooQ integrates easily into your business

nooQ is designed to be adopted quickly and easily across entire organisations (big or small). Communication and collaboration are enhanced immediately. And, unlike other communication platforms, nooQ works for scale and mass usage with no increase in noise or notifications.

Make information overload a thing of the past

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nooQ Scotedge winner 2014
Winner of Scottish EDGE Fund 2014
Voted: Coolest Tool, Coolest Feature and Best Fit for Your Organisation at Social Now 2015.
Beat IBM Connections, Atlassian and MangoApps for Coolest Tool and Coolest Feature at Socialnow 2016