nooQ is a revolutionary communication
platform that gives you more of life’s most
precious resource…TIME.

Endless meetings, bewilderingly long email threads, and never ending phone calls steal hours from
our working life. nooQ visualizes what’s being talked about by your team letting you see at a glance
what you need to know to start working.

This is nooQ

It is all the conversations going on in your company. The bigger the circle is the more important the conversation is to you. Each circle represents something that is being discussed; a project, a question, an idea, a deadline. Circles get bigger when a deadline looms or when people interact with it, meaning you won’t miss anything important. Things that are not important grow smaller so you won’t waste time reading things that don’t add value to your day.

You’ll see everything you need to know about what is going on in your company just by glancing at nooQ.



Our work lives are complicated and its sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees, too many conversations and so many deadlines. nooQs revolutionary visual interface is simple and easy to use. nooQ has everything you need to get stuff done. Post ideas for instant feedback, ask questions even if you don’t know who has the answer. Share files. Add due dates. Create groups around projects. See what’s trending and adjust the volume of conversations based on the people, projects and topics that are most important to you.

See everything nooQ can do.

Winner of Scottish EDGE Fund 2014
Voted: Coolest Tool, Coolest Feature and Best Fit for Your Organisation at Social Now 2015.
Beat IBM Connections, Atlassian and MangoApps for Coolest Tool and Coolest Feature at Socialnow 2016

Spend more time working and less time reading. See what everyone is talking about
at a glance. Focus on what is important to you today. nooQ it and get to work.