Answer these 3 questions…

1. If you had a great idea at your company would it be accepted?

2. Is failure accepted at your company?

3. Is communication & decision making as good as it could be?

If you answered no to any of these questions.

We can help.


Welcome to nooQ.

The next generation communication platform.


We are in private beta building and testing our social collaboration software.


Our goal. We want to make working life much simpler.

eMail, meetings, newsfeeds take up far too much time and typically 80% of those messages are irrelevant.
People waste too much time on email & meetings and it is too difficult to find answers, expertise and decisions.
eMail and now social collaboration tools such as Sharepoint, Yammer, Salesforce Chatter and Google + are making their way into companies, replacing intranets with new social tools.

But they are still flawed.

Linear applications like these still cause message overload. People can’t keep up with emails, social streams and are overwhelmed with messages and information.

All other competitors look almost identical to Facebook, bar the company logo top left. Just because are used to Facebook interface, doesn’t mean that is the best design for a working environment.

All current Enterprise Social Collaboration software vendors are clones.

Including market leader Yammer they all look the same, have no intelligence and suffer from message overload.


We don’t.

We’ve taken a different, new approach. Designed from scratch. Why not try a new way?

What if we took all those messages and sorted them for you? Visually. That means at a glance you can instantly see what is important.

What if more people could be communicated to, involve but in significantly less time?

We’ve looked at, watched and interviewed over 300 knowledge workers and typically the information they process, can be categorised as looking for information, answers, decisions or expertise.

We’ve designed nooQ to focus on exactly that. Finding answers, decisions and expertise with significantly more people in significantly less time.

nooQ is the first visual collaboration software for business, it is a visual heat-map so you can instantly see what’s important and find, answers, expertise & decisions.

We sort, filter and aggregate your messages for you and learn your preferences. So the more you use it the smarter it gets.

We personalise it just for you. A visual personally prioritised view of what is important to you from the people you find influential.


Please bookmark this page, subscribe to the blog and stay tuned, we have lots of announcements and exciting developments planned.

We are not revealing too much about our software until we have the proven results in beta testing.

If you want to one of the first innovators & early adopters and join our beta testing programme

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Our software is free whilst in beta.