nooQ is the award-winning corporate communications platform

Visualise your corporate communications and increase your productivity by over 24%

This is nooQ

One collaborative and communications platform for all employees

Increased productivity leading to increased profitability and growth. Gain visibility and insights across the organisation to make better decisions.

Leverage the collective knowledge to work more effectively, efficiently and productively.

Reduce employee information overload

24% increased productivity

You can also enhance your existing corporate communication tools (e.g.Yammer, Jive, Slack, Chatter, IBM Connections) by overlaying nooQ on your existing data using our connectors


Why nooQ?

  • Innovative user interface designed for increased productivity
  • Completely new way to communicate
  • Unique interface with machine learning to recommend what you should be focussed on
  • Far greater user experience leading to quicker and easier adoption
  • Advanced noise control and visualisation increasing employee effectiveness and productivity
  • Easier to find the signal within the noise
  • More suitable for scale and mass usage where other platforms the noise & notifications increase the more you use them
  • Unique volume controls for people and subjects allowing you to turn people up, turn subjects down and even mute
  • The ultimate solution to solving information overload
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Winner of Scottish EDGE Fund 2014
Voted: Coolest Tool, Coolest Feature and Best Fit for Your Organisation at Social Now 2015.
Beat IBM Connections, Atlassian and MangoApps for Coolest Tool and Coolest Feature at Socialnow 2016

Significantly increase employee work rate effectiveness by quickly finding the “signal within all the noise”

nooQ it and get to work.