Solving Information Overload

Visualise your corporate communications and increase productivity by over 24%

A Completely New Way to Communicate

nooQ is the award-winning corporate communication platform utilising innovative volume controls to filter data visually.

nooQ’s unique user interface is designed for increased productivity and allows visibility and insight across teams and departments in order to make better decisions – ultimately leading to increased productivity and growth.

By leveraging the organisations collective knowledge and reducing employee information overload everyone can work more effectively and efficiently.

nooQ is one central collaboration platform for all employees. 

Corporate communication platform
Central communication platform

Why nooQ Works

Our work lives are complicated and its sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees, too many conversations and so many deadlines. nooQs revolutionary visual interface is simple and easy to use and its superior user experience leads to quicker and easier adoption across the organisation.

The unique volume controls for people and subjects lets you to turn people up, turn subjects down and even mute – allowing you to see what is important to you.

nooQ is suitable for scale and mass usage compared to other platforms where the noise and notifications increase the more they are used. Advanced machine learning learns your preferences and recommends what you should be focussing on.

nooQ is the ultimate solution to solving information overload. Try nooQ for free


Make information overload a thing of the past

nooQ Scotedge winner 2014
Winner of Scottish EDGE Fund 2014
Social Now 2015 winner
Voted: Coolest Tool, Coolest Feature and Best Fit for Your Organisation at Social Now 2015.