Unleash your true innovation potential

Putting ideas into action is hard.

The biggest obstacle to innovation, creating new products as well as commercialising research is the complex multi-party collaborations that are slow and difficult to manage. It’s extremely challenging to keep everyone in the loop. Lack of ownership, trust or accountability is everyday challenges making it difficult to create steady revenue streams and new business opportunities.

Traditional strategic planning no longer works and the reason is simple. In a world that’s connected, complex and confusing, the mechanistic, straight-line approach to strategy does not deliver. Modern organisations and communities are open networks not hierarchies, and while conventional strategic planning methods produce a plan there is no action – nothing connecting the right people to the right expertise at the right time.



 Introducing Strategic Doing

Strategic Doing, developed by Purdue University, is a strategy designed for open, loosely-connected networks that teaches people how to form collaborations quickly and move toward measurable outcomes.

Efficient collaboration is vital in today’s world and Strategic Doing enables universities and corporates to design and guide new networks that generate scale-able, repeatable processes for innovation.  It enables people to form action-oriented collaborations quickly, move them toward measurable outcomes, and make adjustments along the way.

Strategic Doing yields repeatable, scale-able, and sustainable collaborations based on simple rules. It is a new, lean, agile strategy discipline that gives organisations, communities and teams what they need to survive and thrive.

Twenty plus years of research and testing has culminated in the Strategic Doing process. Like the best things in life, it is simple to understand, very effective and powerful. It can be used to solve any problem from planning a family holiday to developing a new form of space travel.



Strategic Doing

“The best methodology I have seen in 20 years”

Paul Collits, Australia New Zealand Regional Science Association






nooQ Innovation platform

What role does nooQ play?

Combining nooQ with Strategic Doing is a phenomenal opportunity to unleash your innovation potential.

By brokering ideas, conversations and expertise between stakeholders, staff, graduates and partners, nooQ offers one central collaboration platform. We want to radically increase productivity by providing a platform that connects people, assets and opportunities automatically and streamlines the innovation process. By doing this you will achieve a more effective and tangible finalisation of innovation, research and development projects.

We are currently developing the Strategic Doing framework into a new nooQ product that will be available mid- 2017.


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