We are on a mission –
to create an amazing communication platform that cuts through the noise.

Business has moved on leaps and bounds since the invention of email, but communication channels haven’t quite caught up. Even the most successful teams in the world are hindered by the amount of time they spend talking about work rather than doing work. Frustrated with this problem, we wanted to revolutionize workplace communications to create a more productive environment. And that’s when nooQ came to life.

With a background working on IT projects for some of the world’s biggest brands, our team have built many successful platforms with millions of active users. Statistical by nature, we are also passionate about data visualization, and using our algorithms to sort and filter what is important to you, so it can be applied to help you spend more time being productive rather than communicating all day. Do you believe change is required? Enter the nooQsphere and discover how your workflow could be improved. How you use it is up to you, but we’re just getting started.

profile_graeme bodys


CEO. Founder. Hustler. Spinner of Plates

20+ years in IT industry. Built his first web site in 1994. Has delivered cutting edge, high-profile technology projects across Europe & USA for VW, Airbus, IBM, Siemens & Financial sector. If his eyes are open, he’s working. Addicted to learning. Green & Blacks butterscotch chocolate is his weakness. An Apple kind of guy.

profile_david sinclair


Development God

Has 30 years IT experience as Solutions architect & Developer. Designed, built and delivered major Internet/Intranet projects in the legal, energy and finance sectors for RBS & Tesco Bank with active users in the multiple millions. With a background in mathematics, a passion for visualisation and a track record of rapid successful delivery. A vocabulary and brain that knows more than Wikipedia. Partial to cake and a Diet Coke. An Microsoft kind of guy.

profile_rick anderson


Design Genius

18 years Digital, Print & graphics design for commercial projects. MSC Human Computer Interaction. BA (Hons) in Accountancy & Computer Science. Unique and bit strange that in that he studied numbers and logic he can do even more wonders with creative art. Fond of Calvin & Hobbes & a cup of tea. An Apple kind of guy.

profile_anne siri salte



Focused and passionate marketing professional with 10 years’ experience in project and campaign management in the retail and public sector in the UK and Australia. MSc International Marketing. BA (Hons) in Economics & Marketing. Loves a quiz and believes Trivial Pursuit should be an elective at school. Will always make time for coffee and cake….and wine. A Microsoft kind of gal.

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Spend more time working and less time reading. See what everyone is talking about at a glance. Focus on what is important to you today. nooQ it and get to work.